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As the African Bureau of Conventions, we are a regional collaborative bidding facilitator for International conferences and events that represents all the major facilities and service providers in this region and links all the stakeholders in the value-chain in the most effective way.

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Press Release

African Bureau of Conventions offers new Turnkey Solution


The African Bureau of Conventions is extremely excited in that our new Portfolio now includes the Bureau, in partnership with i-Exhibit, being able to offer a full turnkey solution which offers a specialized service, of procurement, supply chain management, infrastructure and total project management packages.


It is our core objective to optimize the supply chain processes, with a strong focus on cost reduction and profitability. Christina Herbst of i-Exhibit will focus on the planning and management of all activities across the supply chain, from sourcing, procurement, transport, to the distribution of goods and services. This is made possible ...

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Who We Are

Successfully bidding to host some of the many highly demanding, yet lucrative International conferences and events in our region require not only having world-class facilities and services but facilitating the right balance of what our region has to offer in the best mix and alignment with the bidder’s specific requirements.

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What we do

The African Bureau of Conventions primary responsibility will be to market and sell the destination it represents, secure future meetings, congresses, exhibitions and other related business events to the destination, thus affording our clients a range of destinations, venues, options and service providers that will best suit their needs

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Why bid?

• We provide the bidding advantage for any International event.

• We offer the best value for money proposition to the International organizations

  seeking to run any event in Southern Africa and Africa.

• We offer the best opportunity for the local facilities and service providers to

  improve their ‘strike-rate’ in attracting International business into Southern Africa

  and Africa.

• The ‘one-stop’ destination conferencing and event facilitator for Southern Africa

  and Africa.

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