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As the African Bureau of Conventions, we are a regional collaborative bidding facilitator for International conferences and events that represents all the major facilities and service providers in this region and links all the stakeholders in the value-chain in the most effective way.

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African Bureau of Conventions offers new Turnkey Solution


The African Bureau of Conventions is extremely excited in that our new Portfolio now includes the Bureau, in partnership with i-Exhibit, being able to offer a full turnkey solution which offers a specialized service, of procurement, supply chain management, infrastructure and total project management packages.


It is our core objective to optimize the supply chain processes, with a strong focus on cost reduction and profitability. Christina Herbst of i-Exhibit will focus on the planning and management of all activities across the supply chain, from sourcing, procurement, transport, to the distribution of goods and services. This is made possible ...

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African Bureau of Conventions

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Why Bid?

Hosting an International conference can offer great rewards to you and your specialist sector or professional discipline in Africa. There are benefits to gain both on a national level in terms of raising the profile and awareness of the sector and also the community level in terms of educational opportunities and career development. There are also some very good reasons as to why Africa in particular is an excellent choice of conference destination. Making the decision to submit a bid for an International conference can be time consuming but t can also be truly rewarding and enjoyable experience.


Benefits at the National & International Level:


Demonstrates Africas importance in the sector

By hosting a congress, Africa shows that it is a key player in the sector, capable of staging such an event and this in turn would have a positive impact on the International community in the field.


Demonstrates government commitment

A congress that needs major government backing will demonstrate to both the African and International Communities that the Governments are committed to the sector and this is important in terms of future development or funding of the field in Africa.


Opportunity to raise public awareness

A congress in Africa is an excellent opportunity to raise the profile and public awareness of the subject matter through increased media and press coverage


Opportunity for Africa business

A large international conference will bring business to the host location and it will act as a useful platform on which Africas small and medium size companies (SMEs) in the field as well as relevant non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can promote themselves.


Benefits at the community level:


Raise the profile of the national association

Hosting an international association congress in Africa will greatly enhance the profile and reputation of the national association. It is an opportunity to recruit new members and develop and promote the objectives of the association and it may also be a way of raising additional revenue for areas such a future educational programmes.


Supporting Africas education in the field

A major conference in Africa will allow a large number of students, researchers and practitioners to attend. Conferences are seen as a hugely important educational tool, particularly in the scientific and medical disciplines. In the medical field a major congress will also normally offer Continuing Medical Education (CME) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation and it becomes increasingly important to gain adequate CME points in order to maintain professional proficiency, it will be a further reason to attract a large number of delegates.


Strong Africa input into educational prograqmmes

The local organizing committee is likely to be heavily involved in the congress educational programme and may therefore be able to present an Africa focus or at least influence the topics of  some of the sessions. The committee may also be able to give greater prominence to leading African practitioners in the field through speaker invitations and asking them to lead some of the sessions.


Career development and professional enhancement

Individual members of a successful organizing committee can benefit from increased recognition at a professional level both in Africa and internationally. The experience will undoubtedly assist them in future career development and they may well be invited to speak at other major congresses or offer advice to future hosts.


Benefits of hosting a conference in Africa:


Leading tourist destination

One of the most sort after destinations in the in the world with rich history, cultures and a multitude of attractions. It will prove irresistible to potential delegates.


Easy access & good communications

Excellent international connections with direct flights from around the world into our major cities combined with advanced communications networks make Africa a great value for money choice for major international events.


Superb facilities

From state-of-the-art purpose built convention centres to integrated hotels and unusual venues we can offer a wide range of venues around the country to suit your needs.


Excellent support services

The dedication, expertise, knowledge and professionalism of our conference organizers along with other industry suppliers, is recognized and acknowledged by clients around the world.



Given the high delegate attendance and corresponding sponsorship and exhibitor potential, conferences in Africa are often very profitable.


Africa as a leader

Finally Africa has proven it self to be a leader in sciences and medicine as well as in many other professional fields, so it should be a natural choice for many high profile conferences.

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